Old & New – Arthotel in Salzburg


I have been organizing my photos from all of my adventures this summer and I had to share with you our experience at the Blaue Gans Art Hotel in Salzburg, Germany. It holds rank as the oldest inn in town – I’m talking 660 years old! But In 2002, it was masterfully remodeled transforming it […]

Transformer Apartment

Living in smaller spaces has many advantages but it comes with its challenges too. The amazing Hong Kong architect, Gary Chang, came up with this incredible solution! Watch and be amazed… Talk about taking downsizing to a whole new level!! What do you think about this? Could you live here? Have a great Thursday! Video […]

What’s under the stairs?


In my last post, I discussed maximizing your space and today I wanted to share some really innovative solutions for that space under your flight of stairs! Why waste this perfectly good spot? Have you considered this commonly overlooked space as… Or a…OR (and I love this one)… Just some fun ideas! More here. Do […]

Maximize your space


Smaller spaces demand organization. Less square footage means multi-functional rooms and typically, minimal storage. What to do? We are so used to our big attics, garages and basements (which typically get jammed full of stuff we don’t actually need) that we often resist giving them up. When we do downsize we have to change the […]

Get Wild…

banner for wine wild abandon

Looking for something fabulous to do with your Friday night? Why not get a little wild and come to this wonderful event put on by the Columbia Land Trust? Wine, dine and do some good for this worthy cause… Columbia Land Trust works to permanently conserve the natural resources of the Columbia River region. We […]

Inspired by Oberlin College


Spent the last week in Ohio at Oberlin College, getting my son all set up and ready for the new school year. I can’t believe how fast summer flew by! I have to share this great shot of Peter with his life all packed up in four…yes FOUR, boxes! How did we go from a […]

Tumbleweed Houses


Now, when most of us think of downsizing we think – “Let’s move from a four bedroom to a two bedroom.” Jay Shafer, owner of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company takes downsizing to a whole new level. His charming little homes range from an itty-bitty 65 square feet to 743 square feet. Jay lives in the […]