Need a guest room? Get a Murphy Bed!

When downsizing, it is highly likely that you may give up that guest room. You know the room in your house that always looks lovely but is only occupied a couple of times a year. We deem them necessary but giving up that much square footage for a space that is rarely used, hardly makes sense.

So…have you considered a Murphy Bed as an option?

Designed back in 1908, by American, William Lawrence Murphy (1876-1959) this ingenious idea has come a long way since then…

Now you see it…now you don’t!

Pretty cool huh? My favorites so far have been seen on Go check them out! Don’t let needing a guest room hold you back from downsizing your life!

Hope your Monday is going well!


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  1. Karen Howell-Rice says

    We would love to put a Murphy bed in our Den. Do you have a good contact for someone to buy one from? Thanks for your help.

  2. Stephanie says

    I lived in a tiny studio apartment with a murphy bed for 4 years and it was the best thing ever to be able to have that open space during the day to use how I liked – yoga, a party with friends, etc., but at night it felt like a different room even though it wasn’t. It was like a separate bedroom.

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