French Garage Makeover

Hi all! Happy New Year!

I’m getting back into the swing of things finally and today, I have a fabulous garage make-over to share with you – all the way from Bordeaux! (You all know how I have a thing for garage projects!)

This tiny 441 sq. ft. space was designed by the ingenious team at FABRE/deMARIEN.

Check this out before shot…dull, dingy and dark.

Passage Buhan modern
Not anymore, step into this light, airy, beautifully designed space...
Passage Buhan modern exterior
Passage Buhan modern exterior
Glass walls allow plenty of natural light in and minimal white furniture and cabinetry keep the look crisp and clean.
Passage Buhan modern dining room
That wooden cube houses the sleeping loft, bathroom with shower, washing machine and storage. The small staircases leads up to the bed.
Passage Buhan modern dining room
The built in desk and convertible sofa offer both function and flexibitly – which is SO key when dealing with limited square footage!
Passage Buhan modern living room
Passage Buhan modern living room
The sleeping loft has clothing storage and shelf space. The skylight makes the space fell less closed in.
Project Buhan contemporary bedroom
A simple, but functional bathroom is underneath the bed area. Love the generous counter space!
Project Buhan contemporary bathroom
The deck extends the living space and is a great place for dining al fresco on a lovely evening.
Passage Buhan modern patioPretty fantastic right? To check out the project in its entirety and read more about the process please go here.
Have a wonderful week!

All images via Houzz


  1. says


    What a wonderful blog! And this garage remodel is spectacular. Truly amazing.

    Great to see you in Lake Oswego last night. I had no idea you had written such a wonderful post about me. I have to say that it has truly been my pleasure to get to know you all in Lake Oswego. You are a thoughtful, engaged, and just darn nice group of people and it is a privilege to be as welcomed as I have been.

    Looking forward to having a chance to chat further!


    • candace kramer says

      You inspire me and I hope that everyone listens and comes to your other very thought provoking lectures.
      As a designer I always have my clients take photos of their spaces – to get the distance of the space
      your photos of the grey dull buildings certainly pointed that out!
      no more wonder bread communities!

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    That’s a great post. We would like to say thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will for sure bookmark your site. I will never stop dreaming.Sometimes tough to discover quality comments.

  3. says

    Only one word that just came into my mind: “Wow!” – this is just absolutely amazing how they transformed that old garage. Honestly, a masterpiece of home design art!