Closet Office

I have begun to meet up with several of my 555 residents to document some of their downsizing solutions. It has been so much fun re-connecting with them, touring their homes and having them share their downsizing stories with me.

One of my favorite solutions that I have seen is the closet office! In a smaller living quarters, sometimes the office space is the first to go but with a little creativity, one can put that workspace back into the plan! One of my “downsizers” did just that!

By lining the space with shelving and inserting a desk top she has given her husband a workstation that didn’t originally fit into their home. The best part – when it gets messy she can just close the door!

Here are some other fabulous closet offices…


What do you think? Do you have a closet just waiting to be cleared out and transformed?


  1. Martha says

    What interests me is where do they put all the stuff that was in the closet? I can’t imagine having one less closet. But there are some great ideas here!

  2. Often Space says

    We did this in 1966 when my husband needed a space to study during medical school. I believe the only way you can do it is to set it up when you first move into a space, before you start to think of it as a closet. Our bedroom had two closets- one standard for my clothes and the walk-in that became the study space as well as his hanging space. It also helped that we had just graduated from college in California and didn’t have a lot of clothes that hung in closets. I could never do it now.

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