The Junkbox?

By , November 7, 2013 5:07 pm

When I tore down my garage to build an ADU/granny flat, the debate was “Do I really use this garage?”

What do we use garages for? Is it really to keep a car out of the elements? More often it looks like this-

garage2 300x225 The Junkbox?But I did have garden tools and bikes to store. Most of you know my love of SHEDS – here is mine under the fig tree.                    I  installed the old door that was on my garage to give homage.                                                                                                                  This was built by The Shed Guy in a day.


DSC04472 225x300 The Junkbox?

Here is another favorite shed on Modern Shed

Screen Shot 2013 11 06 at 3.01.42 PM1 300x269 The Junkbox?

 Often when I am previewing homes for my clients I will come across a real gem.

shed12 e1383608544205 225x300 The Junkbox?

So maybe it is time to clear out the garage and make way for using it as a studio or guest house.

OR tear it down and build a ADU

Go here for some creative ideas for 6 garage conversions.

What do you use your garage for?

DSC07447 300x225 The Junkbox?

Clearing out the junk to make way for the new ADU!

 The Junkbox?

 The Junkbox?

AIA Tour in PDX = small + smart

By , October 22, 2013 4:53 pm

I wanted to share the highlights of the AIA Portland, 2013 Design Matters: Tour of Exceptional Portland Homes.

It was in conjunction of the Portland Design Festival.

 AIA Tour in PDX = small + smart

It started with a bit of a drizzle and by the end of tour the sun was out- so PDX.

Most of the homes were owned by the architects who designed them- they are always the first                                                    brave souls to go small and smart!

Lets talk about EXTERIOR SIDING-

No more Hardiplank or cedar, it is all about metal or dark wood and just for fun lets turn it Vertical.


White white and white- walls, on kitchen cabinets, on tile and Silestone counter tops.

The light bounces off the walls and creates a more dramatic effect for artwork.


Hoods that were stainless – small and round

Vintage or over sized sinks in the Guest bath/laundry utility room.

DSC07944 225x300 AIA Tour in PDX = small + smart

Guest bath Aasum Design

Let’s talk Landscape

Use of metal for raised edible gardening bringing outdoors in with large windows

Best Idea for Bookcase- metal with thin veneer wood shelves.

DSC07954 225x300 AIA Tour in PDX = small + smart

standard issue metal racks with veneer

So many incredible ideas! I am inspired.

DSC08019 300x225 AIA Tour in PDX = small + smart


signature ck AIA Tour in PDX = small + smart






By , September 25, 2013 1:09 pm

Where have I been hiding? I finally built my ADU= accessory dwelling unit. Or Granny Flat. Or Mother Inlaw Apartment. Or Sellwood Studio. Or my retirement home.

Now that it is completed, I will be sharing with you the process, the decision making, the pits, the falls and the finished product!

It started here last April 2013 getting the permit.

DSC074011 1024x768 I AM BACK!

So The Before and After photos are fun. You know my love of garages but this old one could not be saved.

There were no footings, and half dry rotted out- so on to new construction.

DSC074382 1024x768 I AM BACK!DSC079311 1024x768 I AM BACK!

This shows the Original Cottage in front- the scale fits the yard & the other home

Here is the architect Emily Refi. We met 3 years go when I wanted to start the project, she was pregnant and I was not ready so we reconnected a year later. Emily now works at Waterleaf Architecture and is very busy.

DSC07917 1024x768 I AM BACK!

So what would you do with all your stuff packed in your garage?

Do you need it- do you park your car- is it a holding bin?

So glad to be back!


French Garage Makeover

By , January 17, 2012 11:02 am

Hi all! Happy New Year!

I’m getting back into the swing of things finally and today, I have a fabulous garage make-over to share with you - all the way from Bordeaux! (You all know how I have a thing for garage projects!)

This tiny 441 sq. ft. space was designed by the ingenious team at FABRE/deMARIEN.

Check this out before shot…dull, dingy and dark.

442647 0 8 9160 modern  French Garage Makeover
Not anymore, step into this light, airy, beautifully designed space...
442651 0 8 9173 modern exterior French Garage Makeover
442650 0 8 9170 modern exterior French Garage Makeover
Glass walls allow plenty of natural light in and minimal white furniture and cabinetry keep the look crisp and clean.
442658 0 8 9190 modern dining room French Garage Makeover
That wooden cube houses the sleeping loft, bathroom with shower, washing machine and storage. The small staircases leads up to the bed.
442654 0 8 9178 modern dining room French Garage Makeover
The built in desk and convertible sofa offer both function and flexibitly – which is SO key when dealing with limited square footage!
442659 0 8 9193 modern living room French Garage Makeover

442656 0 8 9184 modern living room French Garage Makeover
The sleeping loft has clothing storage and shelf space. The skylight makes the space fell less closed in.
442952 0 8 3060 contemporary bedroom French Garage Makeover
A simple, but functional bathroom is underneath the bed area. Love the generous counter space!
442953 0 8 3070 contemporary bathroom French Garage Makeover
The deck extends the living space and is a great place for dining al fresco on a lovely evening.
442660 0 8 9196 modern patio French Garage MakeoverPretty fantastic right? To check out the project in its entirety and read more about the process please go here.
Have a wonderful week!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 French Garage Makeover

All images via Houzz

Airstream Dreams

By , December 14, 2011 11:12 am

Downsizing is all about priorities. What do you really need to live, work and play? What are the essentials? Arriving at a place where your space is smaller may actually lead to a larger lifestyle. Mobility, less financial burden, a clutter free existence – FREEDOM!

So, I love it when I see successful people living in downsized homes whether it be a condo, apartment, town-home or trailer! Check out this fabulous retro airstream that has only 150 sq. ft of living space and has been refurbished by landscape architect, Andreas Stavroupolo.

Airstream 01 1 Kind Design e1323887358590 Airstream Dreams

Airstream 02 1 Kind Design e1323887431356 Airstream Dreams

Airstream 03 1 Kind Design Airstream Dreams

Airstream 04 1 Kind Design e1323888158384 Airstream Dreams

Airstream 06 1 Kind Design e1323888301675 Airstream Dreams

Airstream 07 1 Kind Design e1323888268834 Airstream Dreams

Airstream 08 1 Kind Design e1323888383724 Airstream Dreams

Airstream 09 1 Kind Design e1323888553232 Airstream DreamsAndreas actually works from a second trailer that provides ample natural light, plenty of desk and wall space to spread out his plans and is equipped with solar panels that power his laptop and other electronics. Now, that’s just plain cool (and green)!

Stavroupolo loves the freedom this lifestyle affords him and the ability to live and work on or near his work sites helps him personally connect with each project.

Do you have any dreams of owning an airstream? Or perhaps you already do…I would love to hear about it!
6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 Airstream Dreams


Images via here.

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