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By , May 17, 2010 10:02 am

An adventurous spirit, a lover of architecture, fine wine and gourmet food and an expert on interior design, real estate development and rental property management – you could say Candace is a bit of a Renaissance woman.

Passionate about sharing her 25 years of knowledge, experience and inspiration through the Downsize my Space blog, it is quickly becoming an online destination to learn more about this exciting shift in lifestyle. Her goal is to provide an invaluable resource to her clients by guiding them through the downsizing process with ease, finesse and one on one support.

Candace, herself is in a downsizing transition, so her personal journey only adds to the depth of connection she can bring to her client relationships.  Her genuine enthusiasm, deep understanding of the Portland neighborhoods and unmatched market savvy, means that Candace can confidently lead, counsel and encourage her clients to free themselves of the constraints of large-scale living and ultimately move towards a lifestyle that really fits their needs.

Follow her on this path and discover a new way to experience your community and redefine your home.

For more information about Candace check out her website here: http://www.candacekramer.com and latest development project: http://555secondstreet.com,  her facebook page here and twitter here.

Feel free to email Candace at: candace@candacekramer.com

10 Responses to “About Candace”

  1. Hi Candace:
    Nice blog and what a great niche! I am an interior redesigner and am currently working on a downsizing project. My own ‘niche’ as a redesigner lends itself well to working with downsizers as they ponder what to keep and what to say goodbye to for newer things or just less. If any of your clients are in need of assistance I would be happy to help. If you would like a list of references, I would be happy provide that for you. Thank you, Lisa Galligan 503-307-5103

  2. candace says:

    Lisa- yes we should meet I would love to see what you are doing, so many of my clients need your services! Do you have a website I can have them go to? i would like to also blog about your design business. I will be in touch!

  3. An awesome submit right there mate . Thanks for posting .

  4. Roddy Watson says:

    Hello Candace , nice site , relevant , refreshing .
    It appealed to me as , living in Australia it is getting very worrying , the big developers foisting bigger and bigger homes on young buyers who have no direction on where they should be looking . I had difficulty getting a quality builder to build our smaller house as small seems to equate to cheap .
    Roddy Watson Albany Western Australia

  5. candace kramer says:

    Hi Roddy,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. We have similar concerns over here but thankfully many young buyers here in Portland are very progressive and want to live smart and make minimal impact on the environment. It’s so great to see! Glad to hear you built smart and enjoy your smaller home!
    Thanks again, hope to see you popping in from time to time. Have a fantastic weekend.

  6. John Cole says:

    Genuinely beneficial bless you, I reckon your current followers will probably want even more blog posts along these lines maintain the excellent work.

  7. fizzblog says:

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  8. Glenn Lamb says:

    Hello Candace!

    I discovered your blog through the email that you sent promoting sale of Poinsettias this weekend at Lake Twin Theater in Lake Oswego to benefit the Windermere Foundation. I likely won’t make it to the Theater for the poinsettias this weekend but I do love your blog! As you know, I am passionate about conserving the great Pacific Northwest. Increasingly I believe that the best thing we can do to conserve our great forests, farms and rivers is to keep city living enthralling and exciting. Living compactly in thriving cities is essential to keep from sprawling out across our landscapes. National Geographic’s latest issue has an article about this very thing – you can read it at this link.


    I am not sure that I agree with everything in the article, but the issue must be brought forth. Your blog helps with this. I look forward to learning more!

    My best


  9. candace kramer says:

    Thanks for the heads up! If we have green space to play and relax in than we do not need the big backyards.

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