Boxes on my mind

By , February 25, 2011 9:43 pm

After my last post where the Feng Shui cube was featured, you could say that boxes have been on my mind. In fact, I found another fabulous article in the New York Times with these teeny tiny micro homes created by Derek Diedricksen. How cool are these? Talk about designing in a box!

Using salvaged materials these shelters are constructed for around $200.00. This one is called the Gypsy Junker. Take a look inside at the bunk bed and heater that runs on vegetable oil, of course!

Here is Diedricksen, cozy in his model, aptly named, “The Boxy Lady”. Here’s the interior shot…

Images via New York Times

For more pics and the full article go here. Want more info? He has a You Tube segment here and interviews Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Homes here.

For the past three days, I’ve been pretty much existing in a box (a conference room) from 8 am to 7 pm!  But it’s all good because I’ve been learning about Ninja Selling.

No, not that kind of Ninja…lol.

Ninja Selling (named after the creator whose nickname is Ninja) is taught by Larry Kendall and it is a fantastic Selling program to bring  out the best in you, so you can pass on the very highest level of service to your clients. He also teaches how to maintain your active lifestyle while still being a dedicated and successful realtor! Many of you know, that I juggle tennis, skiing, biking, remodeling and real estate, so this program was perfect for me!  It has been a fascinating course and I highly recommend it!

Last year, was one of my best in Real Estate at Windermere – thanks to all my downsizing clients who were ready for a new lifestyle but I want to continue to sharpen my skills and knowledge so I can best assist the next wave of “Downsizers”.

So let me know if you have any of your own downsizing dilemmas, concerns or ideas. I’m here to assist you with all aspects of the transition!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Thinking inside the box

By , February 22, 2011 11:41 am

Hello friends!

Now, I know it is usually recommended to think OUTSIDE the box but in this case, inside works quite well!

When I stumbled upon this via The Designer Pad, I had to share. What a clever way to explore the Feng Shui principles and solve a privacy issue at the same time! Genius!

This amazing 8-ft cube belongs, appropriately, to Feng Shui master, Liu Ming, who desperately needed a personal space within his modest 1,100 work/live space. Now, he can teach his classes in the open space of his loft and have a private retreat within the same footprint. The mastermind behind the Feng Shui cube, is Toshi Kasai of Spaceflavor.

How’s that for designing inside the box?

Feng Shui principles and downsizing go hand in hand…so could you use some Feng Shui in your life? Want to learn more? Check out a local Feng Shui consultant here.

All images via TheDesignerPad

Hunting for the Perfect White

By , February 16, 2011 1:58 pm

I am on the hunt for the perfect white paint for my beach house and was inspired by Country Living magazine, where three designers discuss the perfect white.  So…with my Benjamin Moore paint chips in hand, I went seeking white everywhere.

First stop, one of my favorite jewelry stores, The Tony Alan Gallery, where he  had a few white baubles to show me…

From there I thought it would be appropriate to go have coffee at an all white cafe – Cloud Seven! Don’t you love that name?

This is the perfect space to get into the white mood! Got my coffee, now it’s times to refine my paint swatch stack… too yellow, too cool, too blue, too grey…

One last stop in at P.H. Reed for some white furniture inspiration…

Need more white? Here are some designer inspired looks via Rachel Ashwell, Darryl Carter and Suzanne Kasler.

Images via Country Living

Wow, now I’m really excited to paint my cottage and layer beautiful shades of white!

Good Luck finding your perfect white!

Aging in Place – Advice from a Neil Kelly Designer

By , February 10, 2011 1:31 pm

Last week I had coffee with Rhonda Knoche, a fabulous designer for Neil Kelly Remodelers.

The Neil Kelly Company just won 11 regional CotY (contractor of the Year) awards from the Nationals Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Rhonda won an award for Whole House Remodel under $250k! Kudos to Rhonda and Neil Kelly! As many of you know, I was a designer for NK  for 10 years and still think they have some of the best talent out there!

Some of their beautiful work…

Gorgeous right?

Anyway, I wanted to pick Rhonda’s brain about Universal Design , Aging in Place and local information about these issues.

Like Jane Austen says ” There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort!”

Rhonda is a CAPS designer, Certified Aging in Place Specialist or as Rhonda puts it,

“Universal Design is subtle design and appeals to those that value sustainability.”

Music to my ears!

In her last seminar, she shared with the audience her recent accident, breaking her leg and how she dealt with the physical limitations and mobility issues in her own home.

The big three items she covered in the seminar were;

1. Enter and Exiting home

2. Stairs and Ramps

3. Kitchen & Bath modifications.

Be sure to click here for all their up coming seminars.

Patrick Roden RN,PhD, has a website and blog, – where he address all the issues of how to continue to live in your home throughout your maturing years, safely, independently and comfortably. He grew up living with his grandma in a multi-generational home and his impressions are truly inspiring.

Thank you Rhonda for some great ideas on living & aging gracefully in the comfort of our homes! Glad to see that your leg looks better too!

p.s. Right now in 2011 we have 70,000 centurions in 2040 there will 700,000 in the U.S.

Coffee Chat with Good Daughters

By , February 8, 2011 4:06 pm

It is raining, as usual, so it’s the perfect time for me to clean and organize my home –  it being on the market and having weekly showings doesn’t hurt to keep me motivated either! Plus, my recent coffee chat at Chuck’s Coffee with Jan Harju from Good Daughters was truly inspiring!

Good Daughters is a group of moving experts specializing in transitioning seniors into their new homes. Their slogan is: “It’s your move – We Make it Happen!” Reassuring to say the least! 

Moving and downsizing, as we all know, can be overwhelming and downright stressful. Fear not! Downsizing is something Good Daughters does best! Not only does Jan and her team help you decide what to do your four fondue sets, three popcorn poppers and endless paper stacks – she knows how to transport household goods overseas or just down the street into your new home.

Jan and her husband, Arnie are Oregonians that have had long careers in logistics, transportation, and human resources.  They now blend these skills and assist families, large and small, to tackle the arduous tasks involved with downsizing. Jan is reassuring and non judgmental – the perfect neutral party to step into the family dynamics.  By developing a personalized moving plan and time-line, Jan makes your move HAPPEN!

Some of her favorite resources and supporters:

The best secret I discovered is that Jan takes whatever does not sell to charitable organizations – her favorite is Willamette Valley Humane Society, there are two stores in Salem and 100% of the proceeds go to an animal shelter.

Jan, you really do know how to take care of it all in a compassionate and efficient way!

Give Jan a call at 503-522-6637 or email

She inspired me to go back and start recycling and donating the items I really do not need! Very good rainy day projects.

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