Cozy Winter Cabin

By , November 24, 2010 9:57 pm

Well, we have a dusting of snow here in Portland and the temperatures are downright frigid, so I couldn’t help but think about how fabulous a cozy winter cabin would be.

I love this tiny 800 square foot home. So perfectly quaint. Makes you want to grab a good book, warm your toes by the fire and sip hot cocoa (or wine).

3 tiny cabin great room e1290575365525  Cozy Winter Cabin4 tiny cabin kitchen e1290575405971  Cozy Winter CabinA wonderfully charming rustic kitchen! That vintage blue hutch is a perfect fit! Mixing furniture pieces like this with cabinetry really adds to the character of a kitchen.

5 tiny cabin dining room e1290575444138  Cozy Winter Cabin6 honey wood barn planks e1290575500335  Cozy Winter CabinHow inviting is this little reading nook in the loft? I wouldn’t leave that chair!

7 tiny cabin bedroom e1290575595784  Cozy Winter Cabin8 tiny cabin bathroom e1290575635251  Cozy Winter Cabin

So great right? It’s like a winter version of my beach cottage! Love it! Do you have a winter retreat?

Where ever you are, I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving! Stay warm, enjoy your family, friends and of course, the food!!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2  Cozy Winter Cabin

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Seattle Art Scene

By , November 18, 2010 11:17 pm

You all know how much I love trains and one of my favorite trips is up to Seattle via Amtrak.  It is time to relax and read, sip some wine and watch the scenery of fall colors pass by. Remember that freak fall day when it was 70 degrees out, well off I went to catch the Picasso Masterpieces from the Musee National Picasso, Paris at the SAM museum.

5038590613 d1de86e3cf z Seattle Art SceneImage via mike

I stayed at the boutique Hotel Andra, which is a beautifully restored building that blends its history with modern style…

55 building1 Seattle Art SceneImage via Hotel Andra

However…the surprise inside was the – yes, you know, the bathroom! I had to do a little I SPY bathroom investigating!

How exciting to see a shower with no curb! How thrilling to see a handicap/accessible, spa inspired bathroom looking so glam! A small space with sooooo much in it!

DSC02853 e1290015487264 Seattle Art SceneMirrors, mirrors- a girl can not have enough! Perfect wood cubby shelves are tucked into the corner and provide amble storage, right at  eye level!DSC02858 640x480 e1290021969794 Seattle Art SceneAging in place, showers with hand held sprays and grab bars. I love the gray slate next to the mosaic shower tiles. Fabulous contrast!

DSC02856 640x480 e1290022400794 Seattle Art Scene

It is the LITTLE things – like a towel bar that does double duty with glass shelf.

DSC02864 640x480 300x225 Seattle Art Scene

Hotel Andra - modern & classy – close to all the action downtown – lets go!

We visited a most impressive outdoor park – the Olympic Sculpture Park, – map. This amazing piece of land crosses both a freeway and train tracks! What an ingenious way to beautify the landscape that slices through the city’s industrial structures.  With its outdoor sculptures and manicured grounds that vary in scale and texture, it’s a must see in any season!

DSC02866 640x4801 Seattle Art Scene

DSC02876 640x480 e1290023395372 Seattle Art Scene

DSC02869 640x480 Seattle Art Scene

Architecture, landscapes, sculptures, sunshine, I am in heaven, time for some wine…

Be sure to visit all of Tom Douglas restaurants, the Dahlia Lounge & Lola are close by and have this northwest/Asian fresh seafood scene. Small bowls full of glorious creative concoctions!

lounge e1290113140888 Seattle Art SceneUntitled e1290113165729 Seattle Art SceneImages via Lola

Be sure you take a mini vacation – the Northwest has so many treats in store for us- where have you been lately or where you like to go?

Have a great weekend!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 Seattle Art Scene

Big trends towards tiny homes

By , November 17, 2010 9:24 am

Hello friends! How’s your week going? It’s been a busy one for me so far but I had to share this wonderful piece on Tiny Homes done by The New York Times. Gorgeous photos and an enticing look at the appeal of living on a smaller scale…

{Click here to view the video}

tiny home shot Big trends towards tiny homesSome gorgeous homes right? I love the relationship between the landscape and these structures.

Less actually may be more…

Okay back to work! Have a great rest of your day and look for a post from me later in the week!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 Big trends towards tiny homes

Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!

By , November 12, 2010 4:45 pm

Hello there! It’s been a busy week with a trip to Seattle for the Picasso exhibition and a drive out to the coast but I knew I had to share this amazing remodel with you before the week came to a close.

Everyone loves good makeovers and the ones involving tiny spaces, creative design and ingenious solutions are my all time favorites! Check out how Seattle artist, designer and welder, Michelle de la Vega, created this beautiful little 250 sq. ft. haven…

The before…

Picnik collage Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!This lonely little detached garage is just begging for some love.

14 e1289522599327 Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!The after! Isn’t it fabulous!?

20 e1289522846384 Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!121 e1289522816836 Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!A cozy, light filled sleeping loft is so perfect for the space. Must be a dreamy spot on all those rainy days.

221 e1289522779163 Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!

The kitchen is well organized and accessible with open storage solutions. Love those vintage crates that most likely serve as drawers!

231 e1289522765278 Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!The rustic wood burning stove becomes sculptural in this room along with Michelle’s own art installations.

211 e1289522798904 Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!The glass boxes housing pillow forms are actually a tribute to Michelle’s father. Each one is covered with his old architectural drawings. A lovely personal and nostalgic touch.

028 e1289524511908 Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!111 e1289522832780 Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!10 e1289522883975 Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!

You know I am a big fan of great bathroom design and this one delivers. Its simplicity is calming, earthy and zen like and I love how surprising a tub is in this tiny home!

18 e1289522861744 Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!To finish our little home tour, I had to point out this old locker. Re-purposing found and used objects like this really adds to the depth and personality of your home. It’s also a great way to be green! Up-cycled perfection.

Oh and just so you know…Michelle only spent $32,000 on the renovation!

How many of us have garages that only house our junk!? What could you do with a space like this? That home office you’ve always wanted, a studio, a guest house? So many possibilities…

Have a lovely weekend!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!

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Need a guest room? Get a Murphy Bed!

By , November 8, 2010 11:44 am

When downsizing, it is highly likely that you may give up that guest room. You know the room in your house that always looks lovely but is only occupied a couple of times a year. We deem them necessary but giving up that much square footage for a space that is rarely used, hardly makes sense.

So…have you considered a Murphy Bed as an option?

Designed back in 1908, by American, William Lawrence Murphy (1876-1959) this ingenious idea has come a long way since then…

4404194192 4c795b30c0 o e1288923979536 Need a guest room? Get a Murphy Bed!4257077776 cd166d6cce Need a guest room? Get a Murphy Bed!4040558388 9792bc63c7 Need a guest room? Get a Murphy Bed!

Now you see it…now you don’t!

murphy bed Need a guest room? Get a Murphy Bed!murphy bed 2 Need a guest room? Get a Murphy Bed!Pretty cool huh? My favorites so far have been seen on Go check them out! Don’t let needing a guest room hold you back from downsizing your life!

Hope your Monday is going well!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 Need a guest room? Get a Murphy Bed!

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