Super {small} stylish living in NY

By , August 25, 2010 9:00 am

Good things come in small packages right? Well this teeny tiny NY apartment delivers on that.

Beautifully designed and precisely appointed, it clearly illustrates that less really can be more.

Images via Home Design

A smaller space can offer a more peaceful, clutter free lifestyle.

We all have too much stuff! Reducing the unnecessary in our homes often clears the path for more focus, concise decision making and increased productivity.

So you know that crazy drawer that is screaming to be organized? Listen to it.

Have a fantastic rest of your week!

My love affair with Schwinn

By , August 23, 2010 3:45 pm

Okay, so I have a confession…I have a soft place in my heart for vintage Schwinn bikes. In fact, I own three. Meet my rides:

I fixed up this cute red one with the the oh so stylish white tires, she lives at our beach house

The tandem bike gets lots of use at the beach house too! It’s a favorite of the kids and our pup loves to ride in the front basket.

My third Schwinn is a boys bike (my son’s favorite) and I love the old vintage details, like the original seat with the big springs – not too kind on the derriere but the look is too cool! This beauty has been restored and also holds residence at the beach.

With my own life shifting towards downsizing, getting around by bike really makes sense to me, plus it’s just plain fun! These bikes have such character and style. I purchased them all through fund raisers held by the Lake Oswego Rotary Club lobster feed and the TRASH BASH which is hands down the best spring party in Manzanita! Both the Bike Gallery and Mike’s Bikes have helped me restored my bikes, they smile when I come in.

My love affair with bikes started 25 years ago, when I acquired by very first road bike. I was managing the Mt. Shop downtown and The Bike Gallery was conveniently located next door. The mechanic Mike turned me onto a used Raleigh racing road bike tricked out with campagnolo gear. Back then, I  biked to work – from the Lloyd district to downtown and that was before all the cool new bike paths!

My next bike was a mountain bike – a Specialized, named “Epic” and painted RED, of course! (I was trying to impress my future husband who was an avid biker!) It worked.

When I travel, I almost always rent a bike. It’s a fantastic way to really experience the city. This shot was on a river bridge in Prague.

Riding in style is a must. I prefer to ride wearing a skirt…it’s oh-so European and feels very feminine. Most of the women there bike in heels too!

Images via weheartit

Portland is one of the most bike friendly cities in the United States. We even have a local real estate agent who sells homes via her bike!

So dust off that bike that is haunting your garage and get out there! Biking is a great way to reduce your carbon imprint, get exercise and it saves you money!

I’m hunting for my next city bike, I’m thinking it might be the Electra Amsterdam royal…any suggestions? I’m thinking of test riding it in heels!

I would love to hear from you – What do you ride??

Happy Wednesday!

Summer Supper Club

By , August 16, 2010 8:40 am

This past Thursday we hosted a lovely supper club at my vintage Manzanita beach house…

Images via Grace & Ivy

I really love these events.  There’s nothing like a table full of food, served family style, to inspire a true sense of community. This time around we did a pig roast and celebrated, friend and farmer, Jeff from Kingfisher Farms.  It was his birthday and he turned the big 6-0!

Here are some of my favorite pics…

In this case, too many cooks in the kitchen made things all the more delicious! Many hands went into the culinary creations, including Julie DeJardin’s, who made up a decadent cheese dip while Jeff, Terri Desaro and I cooked up the rest of the feast.  Fresh ingredients straight from Jeff and Nicole’s beautiful, local farm, only added to the flavor and goodness!  Kingfisher Farms supplies several local eateries with delicious produce, including the highly regarded Portland restaurant, Wildwood.

Many local business owners and artists were our guests including, Janice Gaines from the luxurious Spa Manzanita, marble sculptor, M.J. Anderson and artists, Julie Yanko and Scott Wilson (both have their wonderful work displayed at Manzanita’s only wine bar – Vino)!

It was an amazing evening!

Have a bunch of foodie friends? Consider starting your own supper club, sourcing your feast from local farms. It tastes better, supports your community and well…it just makes for a fantastic night! Supper clubs don’t have to be formal and stuffy, simple, wholesome food, good conversation and of course fabulous wine is all you need.  Want ideas and inspiration? Check out some amazing montages from this blog. Enjoy a sneak peek below…

Happy Dining!

- CK

I SPY: Lavender Bathroom

By , August 12, 2010 11:02 am

On a recent family visit to the college town of  San Luis Opisbo, we dined at a lovely Italian eatery- Palazzo Giuseppe. Dinner was delicious!

Shortly, after we cleaned our plates, I excused myself to investigate the bathrooms. (I just can’t help myself).

I pushed through the door and was immediately struck by the soft lavender walls, crystal, floral light fixtures and delicate metallic stenciling. Was I in the same restaurant? I was expecting a classically furnished, dark wood, old world, Italian theme, but instead I was greeted with this soft, ethereal, quasi-French look!

I love surprises, especially when they involve beautiful design.

The color palette is simple but refined and very soothing. Lavender is actually quite versatile – whether on your walls or in your furnishings and accessories, it can be paired with a multitude of other hues, and falls elegantly in line with both modern and traditional looks.

1. lavender living room, 2. Lavender walls, 3. Lavender Living Room, 4. Lavender Living Room

Love the light fixtures?…check these out here and here.  Shimmering embellishments on the wall added an unexpected layer of decoration. Find some gorgeous stencils here and create the look in your home.

I’ll be back with more I SPY Bathrooms for you! Stay tuned.


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