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By , June 3, 2010 6:24 am

I like to garden and get my hands dirty…it can truly be a creative experience – a zen moment.

Although I may garden alone, sharing my garden with friends brings me much joy!

Many of the people I meet, often feel attached to their large yard and this prevents them from downsizing. They may not need their big house but they need their yard!

I’m here to tell you that a garden done well on a small footprint can bring just as much pleasure as a palatial lawn (without all that mowing)!

Here are a few ideas:

That favorite plant you cannot stand to live without – take that heirloom rose with you!

Via Candy Rose

Container gardening is easy and allows you to have your prize plants move with you. Check out this wonderful book for more info and inspiration.

Via vmselde

Via *susie*

Think living in an urban setting or even a high-rise means you can’t have a garden? No way! Check out what local garden design company, Dig has created on these rooftop vistas!

I am considering adding to my collection of bonsai plants. They offer some flexibility,  in that they can live inside or out. The gentle and artistic practice of their pruning can be very meditative.

Via sleepyhedgehog

I will also try (again) ORCHIDS. They need the right light and now are so affordable! It is thrilling to observe their intricate blooms unfold…it’s even better when one lasts a long time!Via marcocappellato

There are community gardens if you prefer to bring the bounty of vegetables home and share with neighbors.

Via Kevin Matteson

and the fall will find you canning and preserving with friends. Yum!

Via chotda

Vertical gardening is all the rage – and why not? –  it’s so perfect for small spaces!

Via Jill Clardy

Look for ideas on vertical gardening at restaurants and hotels – a fave is Hotel Modera – be sure to have a glass of wine here as you study the plants!

Of course Oregon is known for all its parks and gardens – really, who needs a backyard when PDX is one!

Speaking of parks…a new secret fave of mine is Foothills Park in Lake Oswego. Since it remains mostly undiscovered, it offers a tranquil, quiet setting with gorgeous views of the Willamette River. Take advantage of the peace now before new docks go in this summer, that are sure to attract boating visitors.

The William Stafford  basalt stone sculpture is a must to see, read and weave through…

How do you find your passion of gardening in your downsized space?

OR where do you go to find it? I would love to hear about your ideas and inspiration!

In the meantime to be sure to attend the garden event  at The Metropolitan this weekend!

Holly Stickley, from The White Pear will be there sharing her knowledge of urban and container gardening!

(i think there may even be some wine to help the creative juices!)

Have a fabulous weekend!



By , June 2, 2010 11:49 am

As an interior designer, I am always looking for interesting, creative design that captures a sense of adventure but still functions well in a home environment.

Being a foodie and wine enthusiast, Portland is a mecca for wonderful restaurants. The restaurant’s design is just as important as the food being presented. I especially love going into restaurant bathrooms to see if the design was an after thought OR a delightful extension of the eatery’s overall ambiance.

I am often asking my design friends, “Did you see the bathroom at the new restaurant that just opened?”

There are wonderful creative and exciting ideas to be discovered and used in your own home!

So I will be sharing with you some of my – I SPY – great design – YES in bathrooms!

If you SPY a great bathroom – pass it on!

Motel Modero has modern twist and sleek finishes.

*artwork always makes a statement

* undermount sinks are so seamless, I love the back light on the back splash

*super shiny kleenex box sparkles with the glass mosaic tiles

*observe the  corners of the room and see how all the different materials relate to one another…I also love dark painted ceilings – so much drama looming overhead!

I SPY great design at www.hotelmodera.com Go see if you can SPY some fabulous bathroom design at your favorite haunt!


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