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Sheds on the brain…

By , July 22, 2011 4:57 pm

Hello! Hope your week has been going well! Right now, I’ve got sheds on the brain. You see, after much thought we have decided to renovate the detached garage of our rental home. Inspired by the many garage remodels that I have seen recently, I’ve taken the leap and started my own! Don’t worry, I will be documenting and sharing the process with you too! Turning this rather dilapidated garage into a fabulous living space will be quite the adventure but now that the picture is becoming clearer, I believe a shed will be in order.¬† A quaint little outbuilding with character, style and of course, functionality.

Thankfully, sheds have come a long way. They are not longer the forgotten shack in the corner of the property where you keep the lawn mower and rake. These days sheds have taken on a new importance and aesthetic, often mirroring the style and architecture¬† of the home. Some use them as a retreat, an office space or dining room. Check out these magical little sheds I’ve come across…via Houzz

I especially love this dining “shed”. It reminds of my beach house, where we converted the garage into our dining hall.
See below…
bike Sheds on the brain...
gather2 Sheds on the brain...
fridge Sheds on the brain...{images via}
This space gets so much use and we’ve made so many good memories around that old table.
Okay well, I better keep gathering my ideas and plans for the remodel. I will keep you posted!
Do you have a shed or garage that you use as a living space? I would love to hear about it!
Have a fantastic weekend!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 Sheds on the brain...

Pre-fab it: Homb

By , April 20, 2011 10:51 pm

Being completely inspired by my last post, I couldn’t resist doing a pre-fab encore. Check out Homb -¬† a fantastic line of pre-fab homes designed using a 100 sq. ft. triangular system. Go here to view more plans. It turns out, that while squares and rectangles are perfectly fine for building…triangles are way cooler! This ingenious line is created by the brilliant marriage of two amazing companies: Skylab Architecture and Method Homes – both committed to designing spectacular architecture AND respecting the environment – gotta love that! Look at how beautiful these Homb structures are…

HOMB 0000 Render Vidid 2 e1303344201575 Pre fab it: Homb

Untitled e1303343851907 Pre fab it: Homb

hombs are cozy e1303343939286 Pre fab it: Homb

hombs are friendly e1303343953194 Pre fab it: Homb

Aren’t they stunning? Would you consider living in a pre-fab home?

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 Pre fab it: Homb


p.s. Wanna see what the Skylab Architects are up to in Portland? Check it out here!

All images via Homb

Pre-fab it : Logical homes

By , April 15, 2011 4:30 pm

Green building, as you know is something I love. Recycled, re-purposed, re-used, I can’t get enough! So, when I found this fantastic California based, green, pre-fab home company – Logical Homes, I had to share some of their plans with you. Sleek and modern, they pride themselves on filling their structures with light, clean lines and plenty of feel good, earth friendly building materials.

With a huge range of plans, there is a home suitable for everyone. These structures also make great secondary buildings such as an office, studio or guest house!

This first plan (The Kara) is a sweet 320 square feet…with a lovely expanse of outdoor living (an additional 270 sq. ft.)…

KARA 320 800w e1302721183839 Pre fab it : Logical homes

Kara320June2010 780W e1302721302640 Pre fab it : Logical homesThis next one (The Aegean) provides a little more wiggle room coming in at 640 sq. ft. and I just love that strong cantilevered roof!

AEGEAN 640 FRONT 800w e1302721422344 Pre fab it : Logical homes090225 AEGEAN 640 828w e1302721485138 Pre fab it : Logical homesAnd the big sister to the Kara is the Kara 1512, providing 1512 sq. ft of living space on two levels. Check out the translucent walls of the staircase – so cool!FRONT KARA 1512 800w e1302721959740 Pre fab it : Logical homes090225 KARA 1512 796w e1302722016934 Pre fab it : Logical homesPre-fab fabulous, right? To check out all their plans, visit their website here.

Could you live in one of these? I think I could!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 Pre fab it : Logical homes


All images via



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