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AIA Tour in PDX = small + smart

By , October 22, 2013 4:53 pm

I wanted to share the highlights of the AIA Portland, 2013 Design Matters: Tour of Exceptional Portland Homes.

It was in conjunction of the Portland Design Festival.

 AIA Tour in PDX = small + smart

It started with a bit of a drizzle and by the end of tour the sun was out- so PDX.

Most of the homes were owned by the architects who designed them- they are always the first                                                    brave souls to go small and smart!

Lets talk about EXTERIOR SIDING-

No more Hardiplank or cedar, it is all about metal or dark wood and just for fun lets turn it Vertical.


White white and white- walls, on kitchen cabinets, on tile and Silestone counter tops.

The light bounces off the walls and creates a more dramatic effect for artwork.


Hoods that were stainless – small and round

Vintage or over sized sinks in the Guest bath/laundry utility room.

DSC07944 225x300 AIA Tour in PDX = small + smart

Guest bath Aasum Design

Let’s talk Landscape

Use of metal for raised edible gardening bringing outdoors in with large windows

Best Idea for Bookcase- metal with thin veneer wood shelves.

DSC07954 225x300 AIA Tour in PDX = small + smart

standard issue metal racks with veneer

So many incredible ideas! I am inspired.

DSC08019 300x225 AIA Tour in PDX = small + smart


signature ck AIA Tour in PDX = small + smart





Small Spaces : A Jewel Box of Ideas

By , August 4, 2011 11:03 am

Hello! Hope your summer is going well. Mine has been very busy – working, gardening, planning my remodel and visiting with family and friends! Finally had some time to check out the internet for some inspiration and I had to share this with you…

Found this amazing design contest  via Jovoto, that has closed but the plans submitted are just fabulous! The assignment was to design a “Jewel Box” studio apartment within 420 sq. ft. Here are a few shots from the 1st place winner

01 copia bigger e1312396593959 Small Spaces : A Jewel Box of Ideas

01 cucina2 bigger1 e1312397098215 Small Spaces : A Jewel Box of Ideas

02 copia bigger e1312396803206 Small Spaces : A Jewel Box of Ideas

04 bagno verso lavabo bigger e1312396856389 Small Spaces : A Jewel Box of Ideas

07 copia bigger e1312396905681 Small Spaces : A Jewel Box of Ideas

loo e1312396939669 Small Spaces : A Jewel Box of Ideas

shower e1312396973335 Small Spaces : A Jewel Box of Ideas

bed1 e1312397215696 Small Spaces : A Jewel Box of Ideas{images via}

Some really ingenious ideas here. Go check out more of the design entries…I could have spent all day going thru them! So inventive!

Have a great rest of the week!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 Small Spaces : A Jewel Box of Ideas



Seattle Weekend by Train

By , June 1, 2011 2:09 pm

Hello friends! Hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend. We went on my favorite quick getaway and caught the train up to Seattle. I absolutely love the train ride – reading magazines, sipping wine and just relaxing. By the time I arrive, I have unwound and I’m ready to enjoy the city! Traffic and parking can really burst my weekend escape bubble…Speaking of trains, I recently headed over to the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation site to discover an exciting event coming up on June 30th – The Willamette Bridge groundbreaking – which will bring light rail, cyclists and pedestrians straight by the Engine House & Rail Heritage Center. For more info go here.

Okay…on to Seattle…We stayed at the fabulous Hotel Max. This place is all about art and photography – featuring 39 local artists! Each floor has its own vibe and influence…we stayed on the Rock n’ Roll floor!

seattle hotel max e1306950801426 Seattle Weekend by Train

hotel max seattle 4 e1306950819986 Seattle Weekend by Train

seattle max art and photography hotel e1306950784115 Seattle Weekend by TrainImages via here

With its eclectic mix of luxury, art and culture we would definitely stay here again and I love that it’s sister hotel – Hotel Lucia – is right here in Portland.

Okay, now for a couple of my fav restaurants that we hit…and yes, a little I SPY bathroom design to boot!

For a decadent French breakfast complete with a cocktail happy hour, you can’t miss Toulouse Petit Kitchen. I had to have a French mimosa with my crispy beignets and pork cheeks confit with eggs! I told you it was decadent!

4627634993 7462db908c Seattle Weekend by Trainimage

Think of funky-bistro with a bayou twist (so fun) and the bathrooms didn’t disappoint either…

Picnik collage Seattle Weekend by TrainPicnik collage2 Seattle Weekend by TrainHoney hued with a mix of tile, stone and bronze the bathrooms were very elegant. I love the little detail of the fleur de lis in the flooring. So très French…

For dinner we headed to Barolo Ristorante…Glamorous and sexy with a good dose of modern Italian flair…this place is a must!

3335421920 2da8d3b8a2 Seattle Weekend by Train

Picnik collage3 Seattle Weekend by TrainImages via here

The food was impeccable, with an impressive wine list. It’s a hot spot for sure…just look for the flashy cars pulling up to the front!

car Seattle Weekend by Train

On to the gorgeous bathrooms…dripping with glitter and shine…I just love the beaded curtain below the counter top! Genius.

Picnik collage4 Seattle Weekend by Train

Seattle Night view 2110 e1306955329631 Seattle Weekend by TrainImage via here

It was such a wonderful weekend and by taking the train we avoided all the hassles (and pollution) of driving the car. Consider taking the train for your next weekend getaway.

Now all we need is one of these…

bullet train e1306955635482 Seattle Weekend by TrainImage via here

Meet China’s amazing new bullet train…I’m dying to ride this one! This would get me to Seattle in about an hour! Get with the program Amtrak! Seriously!

Where have you traveled by train? Did you enjoy it?

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 Seattle Weekend by Train




I spy little bird

By , January 17, 2011 5:08 pm

During the holidays everyone calls and wants to dine, it really gets to be too much trying to fight the crowds, not to mention the calorie & wine intake! This year, I suggested to a few friends that we should go and celebrate in January instead. It is fun catching up after the holiday whirlwind and trying the new dining spots and yes, of course, the fun bathrooms! It is rainy and cold and so presents more reason to take in the comfort food and wonderful red wines at Little Bird, this is Le Pigeon a new Bistro on the SW side.

I SPY a very spring Paris bathroom, lets go inside to get inspired!

DSC032441 300x225 I spy little bird

very french, very cozy, tucked behind big pink on the transit mall

DSC032421 225x300 I spy little bird

the decor is whimsical and the walls bird egg blue – perfect for rainy days!

DSC03239 225x300 I spy little bird DSC03240 300x225 I spy little bird

small birds everywhere, the bathroom delightful!

DSC03241 225x300 I spy little bird

inspired? breath of spring….

DSC03246 225x300 I spy little bird

Bye Bye little bird with the moon over head – till next time – which will be soon………

Let me know any new cozy spots you have visited.

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 I spy little bird

“I SPY” Suite of Bath Ideas #1

By , December 17, 2010 3:47 pm

This year-end, I have created a “suite” of bathroom ideas to share with you!

These ideas come from all my travels near and far, this past year. As you all know, I have a…sort of…fetish about bathroom design. As an interior designer, I find bathrooms the most challenging, given the small space and the all the requirements needed.  Not to mention all the building code issues! The clever part is coming up with the “ah-ha design”- the “wow factor”.

Let’s face it, everyone has to use this room, so it should be in an interesting space – you have a captive audience! These ideas can also be used in other areas of the home, not just the powder room! Let’s go explore…

Always start with an interesting piece of artwork! Nudes in bathrooms – PERFECT!

DSC00034 360x4801 I SPY Suite of Bath Ideas #1

We will go with the slick and cool, streamline look first.

I love the three patterns of tile and the shift in scale – let’s get a closer look…

Picnik collage e1292624568375 I SPY Suite of Bath Ideas #1

Horizontal tiles are HOT right now! The dark matte tile up against the glass mosaic and smooth, creamy marble is so beautiful, right?

Let’s check out a traditional European feel, again, always start with great ART - sure throw a branch in there, why not!?

See the textured venetian plaster on the walls – soft and subtle.

Picnik collage2 e1292624698241 I SPY Suite of Bath Ideas #1

Here the door and vintage mirror set the mood. Old world for sure!

DSCN5325 360x48011 I SPY Suite of Bath Ideas #1

A glass ice bucket for towels and a single flower – simple perfection.

DSCN6107 640x4802 I SPY Suite of Bath Ideas #1

Time for a glass of wine! Cheers!

Be on the scout for “I spy” great bathrooms to be continued…

Have a fabulous weekend!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 I SPY Suite of Bath Ideas #1

p.s. for more AMAZING bathroom design check this out here.

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