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Subway Art: Stockholm’s underground museum

By , November 9, 2011 1:51 pm

As many of you know, I am a BIG fan of mass transit,  so when I got to see the fabulous Stockholm Subway system I was in awe! Amazing art, prehistoric bed rock walls, 21st century technology all co-existing beneath this beautiful city!

d85beb9ef8 e1320875086494 Subway Art: Stockholms underground museum

It has been called the longest Art museum in the world with 110 km (approx. 68 miles) of lines!

R0015026 e1320874043188 Subway Art: Stockholms underground museum

StockholmSubwayArt.010 e1320874077420 Subway Art: Stockholms underground museum

The bedrock walls have been left exposed in many areas which provides an intriguing juxtaposition to the man made materials and technology. I love how art has been incorporated! It’s everywhere!

R0014994 e1320874280637 Subway Art: Stockholms underground museum

subwayred1web e1320874528933 Subway Art: Stockholms underground museum

StockholmSubway e1320874482756 Subway Art: Stockholms underground museum

Here is a great video of this incredible labyrinth of art and trains…

Pretty cool right? Hope you are having a great week!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 Subway Art: Stockholms underground museum


Images via here and here.

The Greenest Building

By , March 8, 2011 10:56 pm

Hello friends! Hope your week is going well.

So, last month, I had the privilege of viewing a very relevant and thought provoking film titled, “The Greenest Building“, produced by Wagging Tale Productions and directed by architect/film maker, Jane Turville. I viewed the documentary at the beautiful Gerding Theater within the historic Portland Armory building. Synopsis…

“The Greenest Building aims to incite change in the way Americans see their own geographic communities. With a focus on the partnership between the built environment and the natural environment, the film promotes a better understanding of the symbiotic relationship between reuse of buildings and the conservation of natural systems that sustain life.

Here is a little peek from You Tube to check out…

This is the first of the clips from the film…here are the second and third.

It is no longer playing at the Gerding, but fear not, OPB will air it in April. Click here for dates.

I was really impressed with the sustainable projects that were featured! They even highlighted Oregon city (Jane’s home town) and it’s historic downtown district. I was also completely enchanted with the incredible work of Amy Harrington McAuley of Oculus Fine Carpentry. She lovingly restores historic windows and wow, she does some beautiful work!

The mantra Reduce, Reuse, Recycle needs to applied to all our building and construction projects, not just our curbside waste.

Set your DVR’s and don’t miss this compelling film!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 The Greenest Building


AMAZING space saving furniture

By , December 10, 2010 3:33 pm

Don’t think downsizing is a trend? Well…it looks like the design world is responding to it in a BIG way! This amazing line of  space saving furniture is not only beautiful but incredibly efficient for small and multi-functional rooms. Designs like these are making the shift towards downsizing even easier. Get ready to be wowed by these innovative creations by Resource Furniture.

All of a sudden having a dinner party or an overnight guest in your new two-bedroom condo doesn’t seem so impossible…right? Takes Murphy beds to a whole new level!

Have a fantastic weekend!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 AMAZING space saving furniture

Video via

My birthday get-away, from the Columbia Gorge to Luxembourg!

By , October 29, 2010 12:13 pm

I recently celebrated my birthday. It was a wonderful day full of adventure. One of the ways, I get my gardening/nature fix, is to get out into the wilderness of Oregon. What better backyard than our gorgeous state parks! I couldn’t think of a more fantastic venue for my birthday. To further illustrate my endless youthful energy…ha…I thought a bike ride through the Gorge would be the perfect activity!

ready4 My birthday get away, from the Columbia Gorge to Luxembourg!Our path: The Mosier Twin Tunnel Trail in the Columbia River Gorge. This trail is for everyone – walkers, runners, families and is even handicap accessible!

map My birthday get away, from the Columbia Gorge to Luxembourg!
fall colors My birthday get away, from the Columbia Gorge to Luxembourg!

gorge view1 My birthday get away, from the Columbia Gorge to Luxembourg!

birthday view1 My birthday get away, from the Columbia Gorge to Luxembourg!

light at the end of the tunnel1 My birthday get away, from the Columbia Gorge to Luxembourg!Yes! There is light at the end of tunnel! Love this shot!

pinecones1 My birthday get away, from the Columbia Gorge to Luxembourg!I love how whimsical these pine cone sculptures are! We just stumbled upon them…in the middle of nowhere!

picnic1 My birthday get away, from the Columbia Gorge to Luxembourg!What a gorgeous place for a pit stop…

Picnik collage e1288311065225 My birthday get away, from the Columbia Gorge to Luxembourg!Images via Double Mountain Brewery

We ended the afternoon gobbling up some fresh wood-fire pizza and washing it down with a couple of  delectable beers at the lovely Double Mountain Brewery in Hood River. I have to mention that hung on the brewery’s walls was some breathtaking photography of Hood River and the surrounding area by Blane Franger…go check out his portfolio here.

So you are probably wondering…okay so when do I jet off to Luxembourg? Well…let’s just say I had a little “stay-cation” from my laptop via my friend’s blog…so much fun…wanna go on a “Vicarious Vacation” too? Check it out here!

All in all, I had a fabulous day and I want to thank all of you who so graciously sent me birthday wishes!

Don’t wait for your birthday, get out in your state parks and play!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 My birthday get away, from the Columbia Gorge to Luxembourg!

Get your Design fix – online.

By , October 8, 2010 8:52 am

Beginning the process of downsizing, we often look to the interior design world for inspiration and ideas but as more and more design magazines fold, internet or E-magazines are showing up on the radar.

I love curling up with a good design mag and a cup of coffee but the reality is that the technology of the day trumps the costs of running a traditional publication. While good ole’ paper mags are not going extinct immediately, I have tried to relish in what some of these E-mags have to offer.

So…pull up a comfy chair, your laptop or iPad (my favorite), a cup of something warm and peruse the eye candy virtually.

Some of my favorites:

Lonny Magazine has stunning photography, is artfully edited and informative too!

cover lonny Get your Design fix   online.lonny mag2 e1286472341678 Get your Design fix   online.Another new e-mag that has surfaced is Rue. A stylish blend of fashion and design, this one is worth a peek. Check out their premiere issue…here.

rue cover Get your Design fix   online.rue 2 e1286473154750 Get your Design fix   online.For a one stop shop and healthy dose of inspiration check out An invaluable wellspring of ideas and resources, where you can sign up for free and create your own design files. Very handy!

remodelista Get your Design fix   online.

While you mourn the loss of Domino, House & Garden and O at Home, drown your sorrows in the beautiful virtual interfaces of these up and coming online magazines.

Happy Friday!

6F07637979F15E8C7C4F65EE7E3DDDC2 Get your Design fix   online.

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