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Stylin Senior Design

By , April 15, 2015 9:53 am

This past year Michael Graves came to Portland Oregon to defend his iconic Portland Building and when he was done telling his side of history and why the 1982 Postmodernist building should not be torn down, there was a standing ovation.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 7.45.22 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.51.16 AM

Graves, has left us mortals on earth as he has gone to another galaxy to continue his design presence.

Since he was partly paralyzed by an infection in 2003, he focused on health care design, and brought humor and design sense to walkers, transfer chairs & walking canes.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 7.44.17 PM

He thought that design should celebrate aging for what is really is- filled with spirit, possibles and growth. He challenged design conventions making everyday items smarter and more beautiful.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 7.42.47 PM

Also this past month a Concept store called Senior Design Factory opened in Zurich. There are products with character, from hipster canes, high end walkers and durable household goods.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 7.46.55 PM

This growing trend is exciting and has more humanistic design and for boomers it has to have the fun appeal!

What would you like to see redesigned as you age?


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Age Friendly Portland

By , March 29, 2015 9:58 am

It was so appropriate that AARP sponsored a Age Friendly Panel discussion this month in Portland OR, and the room was packed. Being Woman’s History month – it was amazing to learn about AARP’s founder.

Metro, Portland’s regional government, predicts that while the regions population will grow by 35% the number of people aged 65+ will grow from 251,000 in 2010 to 518,100 in 2030.

Age Friendly Panel

Age Friendly Panel

The founder of AARP in 1958 Dr  Ethel Percy Andrus was an educator who had vision for our aging population. Red-haired and soft spoken with glasses she stood out in the Mans world. Her advice about retiring. DON’T.

Dr Ethel Percy Andrus

Dr Ethel Percy Andrus

Dr Ethel Percy Andrus quote

Dr Ethel Percy Andrus quote

The speakers included Dr Alan DeLaTorre, who is a research associate at Portland State University’s Institute on Aging. Alan is a self described “urban gerontologist” who can turn research into policy and practice.

Dr Alan DeLaTorre

Dr Alan DeLaTorre

Corey Nagel PhD, RN is an assistant Professor at Oregon Health & Science University. His research focuses on understanding how social and environmental conditions influence the health of older adults. Like sidewalks are a good thing – so we walk more and do not sit in front of televisions.

Kari Schlosshauer discussed the transportation choices on our health and the environment for people of all ages and abilities for a more walkable community.

Joan Corella with Elders in Action trains and develops Age-Friendly advocates in our community. I wrote about them in another blog, about how volunteers rate retail stores for ease of use.

On October 16, 2013, the Portland City Council passed a resolution approving the development of the Action Plan for an Age-Friendly Portland, intended to enhance Portland’s age friendliness.

There were many polls taken before the panel spoke and of the five areas that AARP are working on:

Care Giving & Long Term Care

Economic Security

Livable Communities


Diversity & Aging

The main concern and lively discussions was about HOUSING- how to age in place and stay in your home, or how to afford the rising rents, or pay for taxes, or be pushed out by development.

The positive take away that Dr DeLaTorre shared was that next month Metro is applying for grant money to start a pilot program for designing our homes to make them age friendly.

AARP has many events planned to engage more discussion and provide informative and fun events like Movies for grownups, Portland Sunday Parkways, Life Re imagined Check-up and Guide, and Womens Expo. Go he

Life Reimagined is a movement that encourages us to discover new possibilities as we face mid-life transitions. When it come time for you to explore new directions, or consider “what’s next?” what are your ideas for imagining the next chapter of your life?

I have helped many of my clients navigate this next step, if you have questions give me a call and I can share how others have moved forward. Woman’s History month has led me to some incredible women!


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Stay or Go?

By , February 25, 2015 4:18 pm

Spring is here- the itch to clear out closets, make a home to do list, should we move or stay,  remodeling discussions are taking place in many homes.

Often a kitchen just needs a “Botox face lift” –  a lift from a boring 1970’s  to one with current savvy design. My client Karen Bouch, who also happens to be a designer did just that with this white kitchen. New smart appliances, she kept the older cabinets, put new hardware on them, changed out the island with granite in contrasting color, and added a eye catching back splash. Simple changes that are cost effective but spice up the most lived in room.

Before Kitchen

Before Kitchen

AFTER Kitchen

AFTER Kitchen


Before old appliances

Before old appliances


Reworked Cabinets for new Stainless appliances


Old Island

New Island with granite

New Island with granite

As a past designer for Neil Kelly Remodeling, the phone would start to ring in the spring with homeowners looking for creative design ideas. Now as a broker for Windermere Stellar I find many  homes selling quickly that are updated  and remodeled. Gone are the days that anyone wants to tackle a DIY project themselves.  Why should you- I want to share two hot designers in Portland Oregon who I use to work with at Neil Kelly Remodel. They have seminars all spring and one is the Taste of Design March 4, 2015, go get inspired.

Neil Kelly Contrasts cabinets

Neil Kelly Contrasts cabinets

If you want some one on one consultation check out my designer friends websites- tell them Candace sent you! I have been brainstorming with them, since I about to build a small new urban home on a     50 x 50 lot.  I will be blogging and sharing my progress, but first you need to start with a designer – and both Ronda & Robin is where you should start.

Meet award winning Rhonda Knoche and her passion for Out of the Box Design, though she is at home with a traditional east coast kitchen as well. Known for color punches to wake you out of the winter slump, this kitchen remodel is one of my favs. Visit her on Houzz here.

Hardware pulls gone Crazy

Hardware pulls gone Crazy


Meet another award winning designer and teacher, Robin Rigby Fisher. Robin can design cabinetry and all the details with precision and finesse. Her designs will continue on to drapes, upholstery and custom furniture. I like how this built in bench seating is integrated into the island, very clever.


Island and Dining Combo

Island and Dining Combo

So head out to Home Shows, thumb through design magazines, visit Houzz on line and get some design advice from two savvy designers- it will save you money in the long run running your ideas through a designer that understands cost vs value.

And if you are trying to decide if you should sell or remodel visit me here!


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Age Friendly?

By , November 4, 2014 6:00 pm

Elders in Action- Sharing experience. Staying engaged. This community of individuals live life to its fullest. They are active advocates and vibrant volunteers of ALL ages committed to assisting older adults.


One way they stay involved with the community is with their Age Friendly Program, which was developed in 1993 as a way to engage, evaluate and educate businesses and the community on how to involve our aging population.


Visit their website here to see the complete list of partners in the Age Friendly network.


Last month four volunteers visited the Lake Theater & Cafe that has just been remodeled in Lake Oswego. There were other small groups that visited The Pine Needle, The Oilerie, Key Bank, Sofas by Design, and Miller Paint. This was a partnership with the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.


They had a tour of the theater and than sat down with the owner Drew Prell to discuss their evaluation and discuss the the following key points:


Finding the Building, Parking, Building Entry, Signage & business information, Seating, Restrooms, Stairs, aisles & walkways, Lighting & Flooring, and Customer service. All the notes were recorded in a booklet from the volunteers including their feedback.

With a variety of businesses meeting current building city code issues and trying to appeal to a wide range of ages this was a excellent opportunity to connect and be aware how the older population views your business.

The big surprise really is that the feedback would be helpful for any age group- signage and directing people though a space is vital, were do I go, how do I pay and maneuvering throughout the space safely. Great ideas!

What store or restaurant do you like to visit over and over again- it just feels right?

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Shelter or Sculpture?

By , June 28, 2014 3:53 pm

Often my posts are about the newest, smartest way too live small or how to downsize and stay sane.

Since summer is here everyone is trying to find the best beach rental cottage, camp ground to pitch a tent or the latest boutique hotel to land and relax at the Oregon Coast.

This month I have a art exhibit at Manzanita News & Espresso and it poses the question – are those beach driftwood forts, shelter or sculpture? Here is my artists statement.

photo7The crowds are gone, I walk on the beach and come upon driftwood that has been assembled into primitive shelters with only washed ashore elements, gifts from the sea, wood, stones, seaweed or when viewed in solitary to me  they become solitary sculptures, left over remains of another existence, often I would feel like a archaeologist.

Viewing the art in the context, seeing it in its natural environment. Some of the pieces are ephemeral, persisting only for a few hours or days- exposed to erosion and wind and the sea, striving to fight the elements of nature, their creators have vanished.

I started to document the pieces for the last 5 years, feeling like  My physical interaction is as important as the viewing. I would enter any portal, to find choirs and alters, shrines the view looking out to the sea was peaceful and safe. I would feel the energy of the people who built the piece, was it a couple a family, how old were they? Why did they build this, and what conversations took place, and how did the construction bring them together?

Why do we still build shelter with no intention of using it? Such a primitive instinct.

Each work grows, stays and decays.  I am the observer the one who captures the serenity. The tide will once again regain and re-give.
It reminds us that nothing can or should last forever.
DSCN4475 DSCN4770 DSCN4825 DSCN6100

Owned by Bunny and Star they have a devoted following of locals and tourists. This is where you pick up your CSA box on the front porch. There is a long waiting list to show your art at the famous coffee shop in town, mine was three years.

On the corner is a lovely shady patio and water bowl for Fido and the inside is filled with magazines- good mags and all beachy unique local artists jewelry. There are surf magazines and newspapers if you really want to know what is going on in the world. The chess set has had many matches played with my son.  There is no wi-fi – but rumor is that they just bought into it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 4.39.15 PM

The greeting cards are $5 each and I am donating all the funds to Lower Nehalem Land Trust. The land trust has a beautiful garden, but you must wait for that post another day. I am hanging out in a beach shelter!

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 3.19.50 PM

So what do you think Shelter or Sculpture?


Enjoy the summer where ever your travels lead you.

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