Poetic Downsizing

Map In Small Bathroom

It’s been a whirlwind of activity with four pending sales in one week, which is fantastic but also exhausting. A trip to my beach house was exactly what I needed. Some downtime. A day or two to rest. Thinking that my weekend would be a rainy one, I had plans to do some creative projects […]

What makes a great place to live?


image via KDA Developement What makes a great place to live? It’s a good question right? I was recently listening to webinar on AARP about this very topic. Click here for the webinar handout full of good resources! Certain ingredients are needed to create a truly wonderful place to reside and walkable communities rank among […]

Old Barn – New Home


Happy Friday! Hope your week has gone well. So, after my last post, I was eager to find a beautiful home that used reclaimed materials in the building process. This one caught my eye…. Would you believe that this gorgeous residence used an old barn frame for the main living quarters!? Yup…an old barn in […]

The Greenest Building

Hello friends! Hope your week is going well. So, last month, I had the privilege of viewing a very relevant and thought provoking film titled, “The Greenest Building“, produced by Wagging Tale Productions and directed by architect/film maker, Jane Turville. I viewed the documentary at the beautiful Gerding Theater within the historic Portland Armory building. […]

Downsized Dwellings # 1


Touring homes that have just hit the market allows real estate brokers to have the first look and get a jump on properties that might suit their client’s needs. In this market, homes have to be TOP NOTCH – clean as a whistle, updated, edited of personal photos, great lighting, fresh flowers and the outside […]

Blog Love & The Selby


I just stumbled upon a fabulous small space design blog that I absolutely love. You have got to check out loving.living.small. Fabulous ideas, gorgeous pics and creative solutions for living in 1000 sq ft or less! What’s not to love?! Via this blog I discovered this amazing small home in Brooklyn, NY – meet The […]